Who is this course for?

This project finance course has been designed to benefit anyone involved in projects or capital expenditure proposals, regardless of how long they’ve been doing it for or at what level. As with all of our courses, the level that this is aimed at can be adapted to suit the roles of the course participants and their requirements.

Course Overview

Fundamental to the success of any project is knowing how to evaluate it from a financial aspect in relation to the impact it will have.

The role of managing projects stretches across organisations and often the people involved in creating proposals are experts in their field. Whilst this knowledge is key, the ability to analyse whether the level of the return on an investment or project is appropriate may require further training to support their proposal and ideas. Given that projects and capital expenditures often consume a significant part of the finances of the organisation, it is essential that those involved in them can make high-quality, objective decisions about which proposals are likely to have the best results, financially and non-financially.  This can help prioritise where large investments are made.

Within this project finance course, we cover the financial evaluation techniques that are a critical part of this decision-making process and consider the costing elements of projects/capex expenditures as well as the financial impact of risks relating to them.  Participants will leave this course with their own personal action plan detailing how they will implement their ideas to ensure that their organisation can reap the financial benefits of their new knowledge.

Course Content

We understand that there may be very different roles within your business that require project finance and investment appraisal training. This is why we are happy to tailor our course to your organisation and the specific objectives of course participants – please contact us for more details.

  • Financial evaluation of projects/capex proposals including:
    • cost benefit analysis
    • return on investment
    • payback
    • net present value
    • internal rate of return
  • Which project/capital expenditure (capex) proposals should a business invest in? The techniques for making project investment decisions.
  • Project costing.
  • What are the non-financial benefits of projects?
  • The financial impact of risk.
  • Financial terminology in relation to project finance and investment appraisal.
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