Course overview

This course will provide you and your team with the skills you need to understand and analyse balance sheets.

The Balance Sheet may appear a humble document and is often overlooked in favour of the Profit and Loss Account or Income and Expenditure Account, however it holds significant amounts of vital information on how an organisation is performing financially. Having only a simple understanding of it and reading it at face value can lead to poor decisions being made.

The aim of this Balance Sheet course is to ensure that all participants leave with a far greater understanding of what might be behind the numbers. They will leave this course with the ability to ask the right questions and to consider why the numbers on the Balance Sheet are as they are.

You can also find more details of how we do this on our bespoke learning page.

Who this course is aimed at

This Balance Sheet course will benefit anyone involved in reading, interpreting and/or analysing Balance Sheets. It would also be useful to anyone involved in creating the Balance Sheet to help understand how the figures that are being prepared may be interpreted and analysed.

Course objective

This course is designed to give all participants a greater understanding of Balance sheets and how to analyse them. This course can be adapted to suit all levels, roles and needs.

Practical information

This course can be tailored to your own organisation and your specific requirements in terms of content, case studies and the method of learning facilitation. Please contact us or visit our bespoke learning page to find out how we can do this.

The simplification of the Balance Sheet will take away all fear of engaging with it. This was positioned so well and clearly resonated with all our Consultants.


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