Below are some examples of the most popular finance courses we offer. Each of these courses can be adapted or combined with other topics to provide a tailor-made training solution for your organisation. Together we can design a curriculum that gives your employees the commercial understanding they need.

We can deliver your bespoke finance training through a range of methodologies. For example, we offer socially distanced face-to-face workshops which can be facilitated at your offices or another suitable location for the course participants. We can offer all of our courses as remote learning options. In addition, we can develop bespoke e-learning modules and facilitate ongoing mentoring and coaching for employees. For more information about the range of training methods we provide, click here.

Every organisation is different; that’s why the content of each course, and the style of teaching, can be adapted to your employees’ specific needs. Click on each course to learn more, or contact us today to discuss your training requirements.

This course is designed to provide participants with practical tools to enable them to help their organisation in achieving (and continuing to achieve) top-level commercial success.

As its name would suggest, the course content has been designed with non-financial people in mind. We cover essential accounting concepts, applied to your organisation.

This course will benefit anyone who has any involvement in creating and/or managing a budget, either now or in the future.

When considering large spends in any organisation, all appropriate factors and consequences need to be assessed. This course covers the business case process and how it must be evaluated, both financially and commercially.

A beneficial course for anyone whose role requires them to assess the financial performance of their own or other organisations. We cover the key questions to ask when analysing financial data.

Knowing how to evaluate a project or investment from a financial perspective is a critical part of ensuring its success. This course takes you through the key techniques you need to ensure you can do this effectively.

Our Finance Business Partnering course provides the foundations and pillars to build the skills, tools, techniques and behaviours that drive a business towards success and provide genuine, commercial support.

This course will benefit anyone involved in reading, interpreting and/or analysing Balance Sheets. All participants leave with a far greater understanding of what is behind the numbers.

Not sure what financial training your team requires?

To make this process simpler for you we have created a free and simple Learning Needs Analysis for you to share with your team. It is designed to help you determine which areas of training would be most beneficial for your employees.