Commercial Acumen & Awareness Training Course

Who is this course for?

Our Commercial Acumen & Awareness course is designed to enhance participants’ understanding of what every organisation needs to do in order to achieve (and keep on achieving) top level success. This course would benefit people working at all levels and from all areas of the organisation.

Course Overview

Commercial acumen requires an understanding and awareness of a wide variety of areas. This course goes beyond financial skills and principles, looking at a range of dynamics that influence the success of an organisation.

By developing their awareness of these core business principles, participants will leave with a clear understanding of specific actions that they and/or their organisation should take to reach their goals. The course can be tailored with specific examples from your own organisation, enabling participants to approach future decisions with more mindfulness of the wider commercial impacts.

Course Content

This course can be tailored to your needs, therefore if there’s another aspect of commercial awareness you would like covered in your training course, please get in touch to discuss.

  • What is it that makes other organisations successful? Strategies and tactics that they adopt to attain their goals. What are the different ways to measure and define success?
  • What is commercial acumen and how is it different from financial acumen?
  • Understanding how a business works: a highly interactive simulation reviewing the typical decisions and actions that a business takes and the implications of these, both financially and commercially. Financial jargon will be demystified!
  • What does commercial thinking look like? The critical points that should be considered within every commercial decision and how to apply this to your own role.
  • What makes a business successful? The seven principles of business success and the eighth hidden, yet crucial, building block.
  • Applying these principles of success to your own organisation: what do you need to do differently to achieve/continue to achieve top level success?

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The practical nature of this course was extremely helpful and incredibly well focused to our needs, engaging me from beginning to end.
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