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The Trainers understand our business and needs so well that it is like they are part of our team rather than external Trainers.
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National Trust

When the National Trust first contacted us, they needed their existing financial training completely re-worked so that it met their very specific requirements. We achieved this within the short timescales we had been given and successfully facilitated the training to hundreds of their budget holders across the UK.

As the National Trust updated their financial systems and processes, we reflected the changes within the materials. The process was seamless as we had already built great relationships with key members of their internal finance team.

The nature of the National Trust’s remote locations provided challenges for gathering staff together for classroom learning and so we further developed the learning opportunities into a more blended approach.

A combination of e-learning and classroom learning created an optimal solution, enabling staff to learn critical concepts independently and then to cement this with classroom learning at a later date.

In addition to the e-learning and classroom learning, we offered coaching to senior members of the National Trust’s finance team.

Our support for one of the finance directors allowed her to address her own professional development needs and specific challenges, using her coach as an experienced and impartial sounding board.


National Trust Video Testimonial