What does one of our bespoke courses look like?

Our flexible approach to tailored courses has been described as impactful, memorable and bang on target by our clients.

We have partnered closely with many of our clients, including businesses such as Rolls Royce, McDonald’s and Centrica, to create a bespoke learning solution that achieves their specific goals. From one-off remotely-facilitated modules to longer-term blended learning programmes, together we can design an extremely effective solution for your organisation that really has the ‘wow’ factor.

How do we create our tailored courses?

Our bespoke learning solutions are as varied as our broad client base.

We don’t believe in using the same approach for every group of participants.

At the simplest level, we could easily provide a tailored course that carefully selects from our vast range of existing content to fulfil your objectives.

Or perhaps you need us to incorporate your own strategies, reports and processes into our tailored course materials – we have done this many times before, that’s no problem.

If your organisational culture requires us to draw something specific from our comprehensive toolbox of learning methods, that’s absolutely fine. Maybe you need us to create an entirely new course – we have done this numerous times and can create a bespoke, blended learning solution that is just what you are looking for.

Blended learning methods that meet your needs

An ongoing journey with a variety of techniques and greater control over when, where and how to learn can be extremely beneficial. Through our blended learning approach, you’re more likely to retain the core concepts and this will open up more opportunities for you and your people to apply them effectively in the workplace. Examples of our blended learning methods that you may wish to include in your bespoke courses include:

  • In house, face-to-face workshops
  • Trainer-led remote learning
  • Business simulations and games
  • Case studies
  • Group work
  • Hybrid learning experiences
  • E-learning content curation
  • Comprehensive workbooks
  • Work based application tasks
  • Coaching
  • Pre- and/or post-course reading
  • Guided practical action planning
  • Audio and visual learning resources
  • Email follow-ups
  • Mentoring

Rather than being expected to digest all the information in one go, our blended learning solutions ensure that it doesn’t go in one ear and straight out of the other.

The ability to learn over a longer period allows you more time and opportunities for it to really sink in, enabling you to apply it with even more ease. Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements and how we can help.

How do we create our tailored course materials?

For the best results, we work alongside your stakeholders, usually including your internal finance team, to create personalised learning materials that are tailored perfectly.

We know that talking about your own processes, reports and ways of working makes it far easier for you to understand how potentially complex concepts work within your own environment. 

As our team is made up of finance professionals with real industry experience at senior levels, your internal finance team will quickly feel comfortable that we understand the key information that we need to incorporate into our bespoke course content. They, along with your other stakeholders, will know that they can rely upon us to share important messages and to explain why they are critical to understand.

Our bespoke training goal

Whether your requirement is at board level, entry level, or anywhere in between, we focus on conveying the relevant, tailored learning content in an innovative, impactful and enjoyable way – one that fits both the objectives of your course participants as well as your organisation’s culture.

The process of tailoring the business partnering training was very collaborative, taking tried and tested models and theories, then adapting them to use real business cases. This immensely supported the implementation of the skills, knowledge and behaviours of our learners.


I have had nothing but positive working experiences with Helen, her knowledge and teaching skills are outstanding. The courses are tailored to organisational needs and give staff the confidence they need to grow and develop in their role. Value for money, professionalism and expert knowledge are guaranteed.


The Trainers understand our business and needs so well that it is like they are part of our team rather than external Trainers.


A super professional external trainer! Helen was able to read multiple reports that we use internally and able to embed these into her training. Everyone who attended talked about how dynamic, engaging, interesting and beneficial it was.


The course facilitation was remarkably well-executed and the trainer tailored the information to the company I work for, allowing everyone to actively use the knowledge from the course and integrate it in our day-to-day work. Overall the course was fantastic - it was articulate, interactive and super fun!


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