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I am getting more involved with the financial elements of projects and this has given me far more confidence in that respect. The trainer was very open and approachable.
HR ManagerGreene King

Virtual Finance Training Tailored To Your Requirements

Virtual learning is a live, online, facilitator-led training methodology that we offer. It’s a great way to upskill your people in the critical financial and commercial tools and techniques that are vital to ensure the continued success of your organisation and even more relevant during these challenging times for many.

Just like our in-house training workshops, we’ll make these virtual learning sessions bespoke to your organisation and your people’s skill gaps. Once we know your requirements, we’ll work with you to put together an outline of the sessions including content and durations with a suggested roll-out plan.

With the virtual training programme we can tailor everything to your people’s requirements and adjust the sessions according to their daily schedules.

Virtual learning can be just as effective and engaging as a face-to-face training session. With the same expert facilitators running these session, your people will take just as much out of these as they would in person.

We facilitate all of our courses, including our virtual training sessions, with a refreshing and unique approach. With live quizzes, virtual break out rooms, well-managed discussions and work based application tasks, our virtual learning are extremely interactive.

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We believe in working collaboratively with our clients to develop a learning programme that suits their people’s needs.
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