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Who this course is for

This course is aimed at finance teams who would benefit from learning the skills, tools, techniques and behaviours of a true Finance Business Partner.


Course Objective

This course aims to shift the finance team towards a value-adding, forward-looking, cohesive group of people who are driven to guide their organisation to success.


Practical Information

Course cost and duration will vary depending upon your specific needs. The learning can be facilitated in person, virtually or with a blended approach.

Complete Financial Training Course

Course Overview

Does your Finance team feel more like a ‘function’ than a value-adding, forward-looking group? Could they more proactively drive the business towards success and provide genuine, commercial support?

Finance professionals need to be integrated within the business rather than working alongside it. Being a strong finance business partner means having the right skills, the relevant tools and the appropriate behaviours to do so.

Our Finance Business Partnering course provides the foundations and pillars to build these, providing practical resources and techniques to use and develop in the workplace.

Course Content

Through our pre-course research with your relevant stakeholders, we will adapt the course content to focus on the key aspects of business partnering that will result in the greatest impacts for your specific people and your own organisation. Please contact us to discuss our approach to this. The content areas below are examples of typical areas included within this course.

  • Developing commercial insight: the nine factors essential for commercial acumen.
  • Building strategic thinking: the key principles that are critical for moving your team and business towards top-level success and the strategic responses to unforeseen threats and challenges.
  • Growing influencing skills: how to understand and appeal to others and to treat them as they wish to be treated.
  • Passion, attitude and enthusiasm: looking inwardly, what is driving you and how does your role link to these core elements?
  • Growing even more effective communication skills: finance business partners need to communicate in a vast number of ways to people outside of finance. How to adapt and improve communication techniques for each communication method.

Why work with Complete Financial Training?

We are the home of specialists in financial and commercial learning.

We work with organisations to improve their people’s financial and commercial acumen, thereby improving your business’ financial health and helping you to create the opportunities to invest in the things that you care about most.

At Complete Financial Training, we can work closely with you to assess the learning requirements of your business, develop a bespoke learning pathway for your people and provide them with the financial and commercial knowledge and tools that they need to help drive the continued success of your business.



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