Who is this course for?

It is essential to assess all appropriate factors and consequences in order to realise a positive business case evaluation, especially when considering large spends in any organisation. Our business case creation and evaluation course aims to address these factors and covers the business case process and how it must be evaluated, both financially and commercially.

There may be many roles within an organisation involved at any stage of the process of creating and/or evaluating business cases – that’s why our course can be adapted to suit the participants’ experience and related to the type and size of the business cases they are involved in.

Course Overview

A thorough business case is essential for making the best decisions on large expenditures, regardless of whether it is related to a project, a capital expenditure, an investment or anything else.  A comprehensive business case evaluation should cover a number of key areas to ensure there is sufficient information available to objectively assess its worth to the organisation.  Employees involved in either creating and/or assessing business cases for large investments need to be able to understand what should be included, compare one business case with another and make decisions on which option is going to create the most value to the organisation both financially and non-financially.

This course covers all of the necessary areas to ensure that participants are able to effectively produce and evaluate an effective and viable business plan.  At the end of the course, participants will be asked to create a personal action plan which they can use following our business case evaluation course to help them to turn their ideas from the course into reality.

Course Content

As with all our financial training courses, we can tailor this business case creation and evaluation course to your organisation and the specific objectives of your employees.  We understand there are many different roles which require the skills of making business case evaluations and can also incorporate other aspects of finance not mentioned below – please contact us to discuss your exact requirements.

  • The business case: its purpose and the content that should be included within it.
  • The stakeholders: understanding their perspective and adapting your business case appropriately and effectively to their needs.
  • How to create a clear and useful problem/opportunity statement.
  • The steps involved in creating a robust business case.
  • Why it is critical to consider alternative options.
  • Analysing business case options using non-financial factors.
  • How to undertake sensitivity/risk analysis and consideration of upstream and downstream issues.
  • Financial evaluation techniques including cost benefit analysis, payback, return on investment, net present value and the internal rate of return.
  • The impact of your business case on your organisation’s cash flow.
  • How to measure the success of a business case.
  • Interactive and practical case study exercises to create and evaluate business cases.

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The practical nature of this course was extremely helpful and incredibly well focused to our needs, engaging me from beginning to end.
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