OVO Energy Energetic Finance Workshop

An Energetic Finance Workshop at OVO Energy

At Complete Financial Training, we love a challenge and so we were thrilled when Ovo Energy asked us to design two highly tailored finance workshop courses on Financial and Commercial Awareness and to deliver them within a very short timescale and both on the same day. The courses were to be aimed at two specific groups, each of which had their own areas that we needed to focus on. Helen and Elizabeth quickly got into action! To help us work out what we needed to incorporate into the materials and to gather the relevant information, we met with representatives from each of the two groups, members of their Finance and Trading teams along with their Talent Development Manager. We prepared draft materials for each group and spent a lot of time ensuring that we were delivering the same messages to each group and that all of the materials tied in well together. Once we were happy that they achieved everything that we had been tasked to achieve, we printed the booklets and got everything together for the courses.

Elizabeth worked with one group and Helen worked with the other. The workshops kicked off with them working together on a game to understand how the various parts of the business finances work and link together and then we moved into our separate training rooms so that we could focus on the relevant areas for each group, building on the initial session throughout the day. We re-grouped at the end of the day when we were joined by their FD and Head of Trading who were there for a Q&A session and the wrap-up exercise proved to us just how much everyone had gained from the intensive, interactive and highly energetic day.

This is what Ovo’s Talent Development Manager had to say after attending the course:

“I just wanted to say a huge thank you for delivering a fantastic programme today. I thought the first activity was a fantastic level to go in at, then building and re-enforcing those themes throughout the day was excellent. I think everyone got a lot from the day and I personally did too. The effort you both put into getting to know Ovo and the market we operate in was clear throughout the day and this made a seamless bond between the two of you and Ovo which is not always possible for an external training company to do – so thank you.”

The feedback we received, both at the end of the course and subsequently, was fantastic and we are delighted that they have booked us in again for further workshops later in the year.

Here are some of the lovely things that they have said about us:

“Fantastic! I loved how we started with a fun activity to get to grips with the finance terms and then learned about the details relating to Ovo. I now have a greater understanding of the costs involved in impacting gross margin. I can also take my knowledge back to the team. The trainer was wonderful – engaging and clearly knowledgeable. I loved the folder with all of the useful information – very well organised.”

“This was very relevant to our organisation, provided great insights to financial terminology and impact to decision making. It gave me a better understanding towards my personal impact on company finances. The trainer was interactive, engaging, relaxed and fun and the support material was very useful.”

“This course was really valuable. I had limited to no knowledge of the financial side of our business. Being informed and having the opportunity to put it in an Ovo context was useful. I found the trainer to be really involving, entertaining and informative.”

“This was very useful – really made me think about how my department impacts the finances. The trainer was very positive and helpful and had a great knowledge of Ovo and our industry. It was excellent that it was so Ovo specific. Very useful, thanks!”

‘The Trainer was dynamic, open, friendly but professional. This course provided great value to our organisation.”

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