Free Download For Identifying Your People’s Skills Gaps

Could your organisation benefit from your people making better commercial decisions? Would you like to increase their commercial acumen?

If you’re unsure about how to assess and address your people’s skills gaps, we’ve created a helpful and free questionnaire for you to share with them. This will help you determine which development areas need the most attention. Simply enter your details, and we will share a free copy of a Commercial Learning Needs Analysis questionnaire with you via email.

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Do You Need A More In-Depth Commercial Learning Needs Analysis?

Complete Financial Training can also undertake a more detailed and bespoke Commercial Learning Needs Analysis on behalf of your business. This includes interviewing key stakeholders and devising tailored questions to potential course participants which are relevant to your organisation.

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We previously undertook a very detailed and intense LNA for Johnson Matthey Plc, to help understand what development programmes would provide their people with the tools and skills needed to drive their business in the right direction.

This resulted in the creation of a bespoke suite of commercial and financial blended learning programmes that met, and continues to meet, their very specific needs. Would you like us to achieve the same results for your organisation?

Discuss the results with us

If you would like to do so, you are welcome to discuss the results of your completed LNAs with us. We are happy to have a no-obligation conversation with you to consider potential options and help you create a learning plan for your organisation.

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All of our workshops are fully customisable; they can be adapted in line with the results of this LNA and to suit the requirements of your organisation. If your needs are not covered in these course examples, please let us know.