financial vs commercial acumen

Contents Definition of Financial Acumen Definition of Commercial Acumen Example of Financial Acumen Example of Commercial Acumen Recap Acumen – the ability to make good judgments and effective decisions – has become something of a buzzword among directors and learning and development professionals lately. But what does it actually mean in the context of financial and […]

Zero Based Budgeting: Budgeting Techniques

In the context of business management, budgeting serves a crucial purpose. It not only allows organisations to forecast income and expenditure, thereby determining operational profitability, but also provides a crucial guide to predicting cash flow which is of critical importance to financial sustainability. Budgeting also forms an integral part of the decision-making process and enables […]

Impact of Price Increase on Value

As discussed in our previous blog, it’s clear that discounting a selling price can have a huge impact on margin unless a massive increase in sales volume is achieved. But what about if you are considering increasing your selling prices? Based on the example used below, a decision to increase the selling price by just […]

The Impact of Discounting On Your Margins

By beating competitors’ prices, more sales will be secured and more money will be made – right? Not necessarily. Many businesses are more concerned by the loss of a sale to a competitor than by ensuring that every sale is profitable. Rather than concentrating on delivering a product or service that offers value, some businesses […]