remote learning

Remote learning, online courses, virtual training – these are all words that are used to describe the same thing: real-time learning and development carried out over the internet with a live expert facilitator using programs designed for this very purpose. Historically, many of our clients shied away from the idea of their people learning in […]

cost management blog

The unpredictability of sales and the resulting, potentially devastating cash flow implications from the Covid-related challenges hitting businesses, means that anyone making financial decisions needs to be more agile than ever before. Whether you are seeing a rapid growth or suffering a massive slow-down in demand, managing cash is vital for survival. Careful cost management […]

Margins can be a bit tricky to get your head around. What seems like it will offer you a better profit margin may not, while others may surprise you. In this video Helen breaks down how to analyse margins effectively to boost business profitability. Including some tips and tricks for what to consider alongside the […]

There is often a misconception that profit and cash are the same thing, but that’s not exactly true. Helen Howard explores how profits and cash differ in this video, including real life examples to demonstrate why they are different.

Do you know when you can really call a sale, a sale? It’s not as straight forward as you may think. That is why Helen explains in her video about when you can categorically say “yes, we’ve made a sale”. What point in the customer journey can you pass across the risks and rewards to […]

Richmond L&D Forum 2019

We’re looking forward to meeting some of you at the 8th Richmond Learning & Development Forum on 20th March. The Forum provides an opportunity for the most proactive and forward-thinking of L&D professionals to share ideas and features a CPD-accredited conference programme of think tanks, workshops and keynote speakers. Arrange a Consultation Our own Helen Howard, […]

People Development Summit 2019

If you’re planning to attend this year’s People Development Summit, be sure to come and speak to Complete Financial Training. Taking place from 13th-15th March, we’ll be flying to Prague to meet with learning and development professionals, as they come together to share their knowledge and experience, as well as learn about new solutions to […]

Financial Business Case Guide

In order to secure budget for your outsourced financial training programme, you have been asked to submit a business case to justify the spend. Sound familiar? This free best practice guide seeks to walk you through the process involved in creating a clear and compelling business case for outsourced financial training. The typical areas of […]

Pieces of paper with financial graphs and charts

Do you know which course to choose when it comes to financial training for your team? It can be difficult to know what areas of financial training would benefit your organisation’s employees; do you know what areas they are most confident or where there is room for improvement? If not, don’t panic. We’ve created a […]


For a business to be successful, everyone within the organisation should possess some commercial and financial acumen. Yet, outside of the finance function, employees seldom possess the financial and commercial knowledge necessary to help your organisation to achieve the desired results. Imagine the boost to your business’ financial health if all your employees were better […]