Balance Sheet Analysis

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Who Is It For?

This course will benefit anyone involved in reading, interpreting and/or analysing Balance Sheets. It would also be useful to anyone involved in creating the Balance Sheet to help understand how the figures that are being prepared may be interpreted and analysed.

Use of real life internal examples was very helpful. Will make loan decisions easier.
Key Account ExecutiveGreene King

The Balance Sheet is often overlooked in favour of the Profit and Loss Account or Income and Expenditure Account, however it holds significant amounts of vital information on how an organisation is performing financially. Having only a simple understanding of it and reading it at face value can lead to poor decisions being made. This course seeks to ensure that all participants leave with a far greater understanding of what might be behind the numbers. They will leave this course with the ability to ask the right questions and to consider why the numbers on the Balance Sheet are as they are.

As with all of our courses, participants will be asked to prepare a personal action plan before leaving the course to ensure that they have thought about how to take the key areas covered and implement them into practice following the course.

  • Balance Sheet structure and terminology
  • How do day to day activities impact the Balance Sheet?
  • Considering how a Balance Sheet may be manipulated and the effect on the numbers:
    • Accounting adjustments
    • Organisation policies
    • Depreciation and amortisation
    • Valuations
  • Asking the right questions to probe the facts behind the figures
  • Analysing Balance Sheet performance including calculating and interpreting key ratios
  • What are the limitations of the Balance Sheet?
  • Who is interested in the Balance Sheet and what are they looking for?